Vermont cop seizes man's car because he saw eye drops and dog 'smelled' pot

Unfucking real.......!!!!!!

This cop needs to be fired!

Senate Election 2015 will constitute to impliment, enforce & set accurate National Action Plan in Pakistan that will continue & regulate till February 2018. It should be remembered by each Pakistani that in 2018, three types of election will be held. Senate Election, National Assembly Election and Provincial Assemblies Elections. I suggest that these three election be held atleast three time diffrences of four months after each election. At the instant, in Pakistan, local government elections after senate elections be completed within next one year with four months gap atleast in each of four remaining/rest of five provinces' local government elections.

Rule to name next newly born son in Malik families of Pakistan=Atleast one son should be necessarily named as "Shahid Malik" because Prime Minister Pakistan Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has today expressed his grief/sorrow & sympathies with the family of Doctor Shahid Malik who has been died after doctor's operation in the PIMS (Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences) Islamabad. About all television channels has telecasted this news widely & broadly on their news airing channels.

Therefore tomorrow is my judgement day for my all previous petitions during my whole life for further next fifty years development plan to carry out within next one day only.


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